Deciphering the Landscape: Articles and Blogs to improve SEO

While many people use the terms article and blogs interchangeably, significant differences can be found. As the pivotal role of the two cannot be negated in a company's marketing strategy, understanding the difference between article and blog is necessary. Both types of content play a significant role in SEO and assist businesses in driving conversion by reaching more potential customers defined by the target market.
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Difference Between Articles and Blogs

If you are not sure how articles and blogs differ, you may be one of many! Misunderstanding the two different writing segments has made it difficult for many business owners to detangle the mess.

Writing articles and blogs are two different sides of a coin - the former is formal and the latter is informal, though both are based on the idea of informing the audiences. Etymologically blog is made up of two words: web and log, which can be referred to as a log for your business. Article writing, on the other hand, focuses on providing evidence for specific claims.

While a blog is a narrative, an article follows a logical structure with the help of deductive reasoning.

While a blog is seen as a personal expression that makes the readers connect with your business without considering the technical nuances, an article equips the readers with evidence and information to support your business.

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