Fair Use Policy

We have been providing support to students since 2017 with the aim of helping them learn better and get better grades. The custom academic works provided by us are a powerful tool helping you boost your learning and confidence, which will surely help you get good grades.

Our Fair Use Policy is designed to inform you how our academic tasks will be used.

Ethics Based Service

Using our model solutions directly for your assignments and exams might be tempting. However, this is different from for which purpose the service is designed. We provide academic assistance to increase your knowledge on the topic, provide direction for further research, and guide you on using proper formatting and referencing to help you upskill your presentation skills.

We provide 100% original work because of our ethical policy. We are passionate about education and want you to succeed in your academic and corporate endeavours.

How to use the solutions

Our model answers are designed to help you understand how to proceed with a specific question academically. You may get a greater depth of understanding on a topic or you might have been struck with an entirely new viewpoint after reading the provided solution. Each way, you win!

Please find below the step-by-step way to use our solutions:

  • Read through the requirements file to understand what you need to answer.
  • Read the entire model solution to understand how each section of requirements is covered.
  • Read every paragraph or section and research the novel ideas or information independently. Make notes to use them later.
  • Try to develop your own arguments from the notes and integrate coherent paragraphs.
  • Remember to take notes of the sources used by our experts. It will help you further your research and better understand the topic.
  • Use the solution provided by Word Solvo as a guide to producing your own work. Take notes of the structure used by our experts, the number of references used, the spacing, particular formatting requirements (like hanging indent for APA formatting), the position of page numbers, and so on.
  • Ensure that your work is 100% original with your own words and perspective. This will secure you from producing plagiarised work and make you more prepared for your exams

Can I submit the solution provided by Word Solvo directly to my university portal?

The straight answer is No, you shouldn’t! Handing in the work of another is undoubtedly an act of plagiarism. You can be expelled from the university because of academic misconduct if you get caught. Our custom solution is for your understanding purposes only and is not to be submitted directly to the university.

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