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Few things induce more fear in studentswhile writing a piece of research paper. Writing a research paper is often found to be synonymous with hard work, in-depth research and long hours.

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However, much like other pieces of academic writing, there are certain tips and tricks with which you can do the job well. These tricks apply to all kinds of research papers, whether you are focusing on writing a research paper poster or a research paper presentation.

However, before knowing the tips and tricks, you need to revise what is a research paper, although we are quite sure you already know the details.
A research paper is a piece of academic writing providing an in-depth evaluation of a topic by analysing empirical evidence. A research paper can be compared to an analytical essay as both are based on evidence and analysis of the same. However, you need to remember that such a paper uses pre-existing research as well as statistical evidence with more details and a strict code for citations.

Research paper writing is a modern bedrock of modern science, whatever the disciple may be! A research paper is considered very formal writing, primarily focusing on drawing conclusions based on empirical evidence.
The length of a research paper depends on the requirements of the assignment. A research paper is generally of 4000 – 6000 words. However, a 2000 words paper is also common, while you may also see a paper of more than 10,000 words.

Unlocking Success: A Step-by-Step Guide to Excelling in Research Paper Writing

The step-by-step guide below will help you secure an A+ in your paper writing.

1. Understand the Requirements

One of the most common issues students face is not understanding the requirements. Many of the students do not read the writing prompt carefully. While doing research paper writing, look for technical requirements specifically, including formatting requirements (like double spacing or 1.5 spacing), length, citation style etc. (like Harvard or APA).
Understanding the key requirements is the primary step in academic writing.

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2. Choosing the Topic

Students are often asked to choose their own topic, especially when the assignment is open-ended and there is no case study involved. You need to understand that the topic can’t be anything. Hence, you need to choose your topic based on your chosen course. For example, if you have chosen your course as International Business, your topic must be chosen around international business expansion. Avoid general topics for your research paper presentation or research paper poster though this rule is applicable to all research paper writing.

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3. Conduct Preliminary Research

3. Research paper writing is a daunting task as conducting evidence-based research is needed to proceed. While writing your research paper presentation and research paper poster, you must conduct preliminary research to clear out any misconceptions about the topic. This will help frame your research questions as well as conduct further research based on the preliminary gathered data. This is important to ace your academic writing as well as research paper writing. Conducting preliminary research is important as many students are asked to submit a proposal before proceeding with their final research paper poster or research paper presentation.

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4. Develop a Rough Outline

Just as knowing the issue is half the battle won, creating a rough outline is of similar importance. You must create a rough outline to make things clear in your head about what to include where and what information to set aside. This helps you to skim through a pool of information in a fast way as you already know the focus of your research paper. For example, if you are able to outline your Literature Review, you will know what information to include in your paper.
This saves time and effort while making your research paper writing to the point.

5. Write a Compelling Background

Writing a compelling background is essential to understanding current practices or conceptions. This helps you develop your research questions, objectives, aim and problem statement and informs you about how to proceed with your final research paper presentation and research paper poster.

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6. Determine Supporting Evidence

This stage is known as the actual research stage. Students are required to conduct their original research by going through different sources or conducting primary research. You can make use of your rough outline to skim through important sources. Don’t forget to take notes and write down page numbers because it will help you to synthesise necessary elements and to cite the sources properly. You will find that taking notes will make it easier for you to produce a more succinct and crisper piece of work while doing your research paper writing.

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7 Write Your First Draft

All of the previous steps would lead you to craft your first draft effortlessly. Writing your first draft in academic writing is a tough task, though afterwards, it makes writing the final draft much easier and error-free. If you struggle to write the introduction, you may start by writing the background, which makes writing the introduction much easier as you become comfortable with skimming through necessary information related to the topic. An introduction is the opening part of your research paper presentation and research paper poster, just like in every type of academic writing.

To conclude, it is essential to relate back to your research objectives in the conclusion because it makes a lasting impression on the reader. Lastly, remember to proofread your content to ensure it is error-free and polished.

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