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1. By browsing our website and dashboard and by creating your account, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to our i.Terms and Conditions ii. Privacy Policy and iii. Fair Use Policy
By agreeing to our (i) Terms and Conditions, (ii) Privacy Policy, and (iii) Fair Use Policy, you agree that you will only use our services for personal, lawful, and informational purposes, violation of which can induce local, state, national or international law in the context of intellectual property and proprietary rights and beyond.

2. By browsing our website and dashboard and by creating your account, and having understood our (i) Terms and Conditions, (ii) Privacy Policy, and (iii) Fair Use Policy, you agree to use your common sense while using the Services. By doing so, you agree not to disclose any personal information of any expert and not act in a way that might incur conflict with our (i) Terms and Conditions, (ii) Privacy Policy, and (iii) Fair Use Policy.

3. To receive the Service, you must provide your email and password or sign in via your Gmail account. You agree, hereby, to provide us with necessary, up-to-date, and accurate information. You are expected not to register on behalf of any other individual.

4. You must have only one live account to purchase the Service. If multiple accounts are discovered, all accounts will be merged into one, and you may have to pay a fine for unlawfully using discounts and offers.

5. Your password is for your own safeguarding, and you should not share it with anyone. We do not disclose any personal information of our customers. However, we use cookies to provide you with a better experience and collect general information about our customer base that does not have anything to do with disclosing your personal information.

Customer Conduct

1. You agree with our Customer Conduct guidelines anytime you browse our website or purchase Service. You hereby agree not to access or use the Website or Service for other than personal use. You agree not to use the Website or Service, store or share any information or act in a manner that:

  • Is intended to create a hoax or defraud that can mislead any person or violate the firm’s reputation in any way;
  • Breaches, violates or circumvents any applicable local, state, national, federal, international or any law, including the orders of a court or administrative body.
  • Is copied from another individual, including their personal details to create accounts on their behalf, with or without them knowing;
  • Promoted any activity that might be harmful, shameful or illegal involving the firm or any other individual.

2.You are not authorised to use or access the Website or Service:

  • To impersonate any other individual, with or without their permission to create an account. Every customer should own their account and not any account on behalf of others.
  • To misrepresent your identity to gain personal benefits, i.e., for accessing price benefits, etc.
  • To systematically retrieve content or information with the purpose of creating or compiling information, database, directory, or compilation, in single or multiple downloads, either directly or indirectly, with the use of crawlers, bots, spiders, or otherwise;
  • Access, copy, disperse, share, store, use or publish any data to prepare derivate works from the dashboard, Website, or Service content, including content covered by trademark, copyrights, patents, or any other intellectual property rights without the prior express consent of the firm holding the rights to license such use;
  • To evade our policies or systems by any means, including trying to attempt to use our Services or Website if your account has been deactivated or suspended or has been permanently or temporarily prohibited from using our Service.


You are instructed to supply lecture materials for academic writing and any supporting materials for content and academic writing if:

  • Within 60 minutes of placing the order if the deadline is 2 days
  • Within 2 hours if the deadline is 2-7 days
  • And within one day if the deadline is more than 7 days.
  • Any material or supporting documents shared beyond the given timeline will require extra charges since the task would have been allocated and the writer would have started working on it. This is a policy to honour our experts' efforts and time.

    The firm will not be responsible for any changes in requirements after the deadline, materials not provided within the deadline requiring subsequent changes or regarding wrong materials shared.

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