Order Management FAQs: Your Guide to Efficient Processes

You can send the files on Whatsapp at +44-1213187771 or contact us via mail at info@wordsolvo.com when you can't upload them via the portal.
You can check order progress from “Order” menu in your dashboard. Check the column “Status” to know the status of your work. You can also contact our chat support to get details on your task.

Requesting a draft is also an option you can choose if you want to make sure that the task is headed towards the right direction. For orders more than 10 pages or for a thesis or dissertation of more than 6000 words, you can get regular updates on work progress by receiving drafts for chapters or specific milestones.
Extending the deadline is possible via chat support. You can also open a query head and inform the extension of deadline. However, the contraction of deadline would make it less likely to be possible as tasks are allocated to experts according to the urgency of the deadline.

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